For more than 25 years, Comitas Telesalud has designed and integrated systems for a multitude of clients, those installed in:

  • Ships: Thousands of kilometers from the mainland, a telemedicine system becomes essential on a ship.
  • Penitentiary Centers: Moving the prisoner to a medical center involves a high economic investment and the unnecessary generation of risks that can be avoided with the use of telemedicine systems.
  • Places of difficult access: The meteorological conditions in some points and the geographical situation in others, prevent the transfer of the patient to a health center.
Our systems have been deployed in many destinations, from Spain to Antarctica.

Some examples:

  • Mauritania Military Hospital: Thanks to a collaboration agreement between Spain and Mauritania, healthcare personnel in this country can be advised by Spanish healthcare specialists, thus improving the patient's diagnosis and recovery.

  • Red Cross: This organization has both a referral system and a drop-down Remote Center. In this way, when an emergency occurs, the system is transferred to ground zero to assist patients immediately.

  • Navy Ships: All Navy ships have teleconsultation systems, which are essential when the nearest land medical center is hundreds of kilometers away.

  • Penitentiary Centers: Some Penitentiary Centers in Spain have telemedicine systems that accumulate hundreds of hours of teleconsultations, avoiding the transfer of patients.

  • Hospitals and ships Hospitals: Several hospitals (land and sea) have telemedicine equipment that allows specialists to share opinions on specific medical cases.

  • Training: Many of our systems are used to carry out remote training of healthcare personnel with examples and images in real time, allowing the student to interact and strengthen their knowledge in a more solid way.
  • Some of the users who have trusted our services are: