Telemedicine systems STELS series - OSIRIS model

This model allows the integration of a complete telemedicine system in a vehicle, with variable dimensions. Therefore, our engineering department will study the cabin and arrange the components in the best possible position. To optimize the available space to the maximum, compact components are used without sacrificing versatility and advanced functionalities.

The basic equipment consists of:

  • Monitor-camera module: built into wall, ceiling, headrest. It is the most visible and largest component with the greatest interaction by the user.
  • Processing module: Installed on a rack for electronic equipment, which can be fixed in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • Control module: Installed on a support for medical instrumentation, which allows quick and intuitive user interaction.
  • The basic equipment installs a general examination camera and a multiparametric patient signs monitor (vital signs + ECG). Other equipment can also be equipped, such as a lightweight ultrasound (portable type), dermatoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, etc.