Centro de referencia

Telemedicine System STELS series - Centro de Referencia

The Reference Center is the healthcare facility where specialist physicians are located and from where they attend to patients in teleconsultation sessions.

In these centers, monitors of variable dimensions are installed (according to the client's choice) for the presentation of the videoconference, the vital telemetry of the patient, their clinical history, and the examination of radiological studies.

These centers incorporate software specially developed for:

  • Establish videoconference with teleconsultation terminals, which allows the recording of all clinical sessions carried out.
  • Interact with the images received through augmented reality, by means of a graphic tablet.

An application is also installed for the display of patient telemetry that allows remote manipulation of the ECG and road signs monitor.

Our engineering department, in continuous coordination with the client, will design the layout of the Reference Center equipment, in order to adapt as best as possible to the facilities and available spaces.