Now, Comitas Telesalud focus its activity on the supply of telemedicine systems and the essential communication services for the use of these systems; putting the maximum efforts in offering the client the most modern technology, providing solutions of great added value. These contributions have made Comitas Telesalud a benchmark in the area of telemedicine before the Health Administrations, both in the civil and military public sector.

The real-time tele-consultation systems developed by Comitas Telesalud are called with the generic name of STELS (TELe-Health System).

Customised design

At Comitas Telesalud we are committed to the innovation and customization of our systems. For this reason, we always attend to our clients in order to offer them the product that best suits their needs.

We focus on producing functional and flexible designs that are tailored to user requirements. All systems in the STELS line are under continuous review to always offer the latest technology available on the market.

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Training and maintenance

The training of our staff is a key point of the Comitas Telesalud philosophy. This allows us to offer high quality customer service.

At Comitas Telesalud we offer a preventive and corrective maintenance service that is carried out by highly qualified staff, with the highest standards of professionalism.

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